International Brokerage In Pulses Trade

About Us
COGESER is a brokerage company specialized in the international trade of Pulses (dry beans, peas, lentils, chick peas, quinoa, rice, wild-rice and related agro products). The company has been established in 1980 in Paris by Mr. Gerard Serfati, who has been active in our industry from 1969 until his retirement in 2016. Close relations have been developed with first class exporters and importers. Considerable efforts have been made to successfully develop business in the main countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Myanmar, India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and the European countries. Since its beginning, COGESER is very active in the European and especially the French market. Our international daily presence allows us to collect information from all over the globe. Our role is to continuously gather, verify, interpret and transmit accurate information about fluctuating markets situations, to be present under all circumstances and bring customized service to all our national and international clients. The conclusion of a negotiation and issuing a contract is just the very beginning of the entire transaction: we get actively involved in both contract parties to respect their contractual obligations and rights, from shipment through settlement and beyond.




Broker & business associate

Born in the Netherlands, he joined the company in 1990 after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Economics Linguistics at the Hogeschool Zeeland (Dutch Business School) in Vlissingen. Mother tongue: Dutch, speaks fluently French and English.


Broker & business associate

Born in France. He obtained his degree in International Trade in 2001. After having lived abroad, he joined the company on 2006. Mother tongue: French, speaks fluently English and Italian.


Administrative, back office & business associate.

Born in France. He obtained his degree in International Trade in 2007. He joined the company the same year. Mother tongue: French and speaks fluently English.

Trade Rules

Our contracts are governed by the Gafta Trade Rules. Over the years we have obtained considerable knowledge not only in the technical but also personal aspect of doing business allowing us in 99.9% of all cases to find amicable solutions to possible differences that are characteristic of our business.


COGESER - International Brokerage in Pulses Trade

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